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Top 10 Best Studio Monitors Speakers Review 2017

Whether you’re a recording and producing enthusiast, or have a professional studio, you need good equipment. Besides a good PC, a MIDI controller, and a solid pair of headphones, studio monitors are a crucial part of your rig.Sure, you could get work done with a simple pair of speakers. But in order to achieve a ...


Top 10 Best Studio Headphones for Music Production

A detailed guide and top 10 list of the best studio monitor headphones you can buy. From cheap models to the high-end area, we have your back covered!Having a good pair of headphones can have a huge impact on your mixing and producing. Besides using monitor speakers, studio headphones are great for getting a ...

0 Best Midi Keyboards 2017

Best MIDI Keyboards 2017 – Buying Guide & Review

So, you’re on a quest for the best MIDI keyboard out there, but can’t seem to find the right one?Whether you’re a full- time producer, or simply want to lay down some tracks for your garage band, there is no better way to do it than via a MIDI keyboard controller.With a wide range of different models, offering ...