Apple MacBook Pro Review

Apple Macbook Pro ReviewWe live in a technocratic era, where all kinds of tech are at our disposal. People have categorized laptops into gaming, performance, budget, and similar branches, but if there’s a brand that makes the best in all spheres it’s Apple! We’re talking about their MacBook, of course.

Apple brand has earned quite a reputation during the decades they’ve spent on the market, and it’s no coincidence that every child, woman, and man have at least heard about Macbook’s exquisiteness. We’re here to see what makes it so special.

MacBook Pro – a huge step in the improvement of internal specs

The first MacBook (launched in 2012) earned quite some fame even before it was launched. Tech fans have went bankrupt in order to get their hands on one, but this laptop was still a mystery – was it the best laptop of our time? Of course not – Apple reminds us that there’s always some room for self-improvement, which they proved with the release of the MacBook Pro.

Basically, the MacBook pro is ideal for music producers – it’s a powerhouse with improved graphics and processors which will easily take on any task you present it with. Professionals, however, point out that MacBookPro is a bit more versatile than that – it’s widely used by programmers, office workers, video animators, photo editors, and even gamers.

The sheer fact that the size of it was scaled down from 17-inch to 15-inch means that it’s transportability is also improved. You can take your MacBook to and from the party (or a studio) with more spare room in your pack.

Key features

  • 15-inch display
  • Weighs approximately 1.83 kilograms (4.03 pounds)
  • Backlit Retina display
  • 220 pixel/inch
  • 159x99mm trackpad
  • Hard-press for additional options while in a program
  • Multi-touch
  • Kaby Lake processors
  • Intel 2.9GHz quad-core processor

There are plenty of things you might like about MacBook Pro and but a few of them which you might not so much. Namely, some of the most notable pros of using a MacBook pro are that you’ll benefit from its superb portability, powerhouse processors, improved graphics, and user-friendly features.

Sadly, it does have a flaw or two, but that shouldn’t be too much of a big deal – the outstanding benefits you’ll reap are more than capable of compensating for a few small flaws that came along the way. The only two we found were the topped-down RAM memory and high cost.


  • Superb portability – Macbook Pro is now 15-inch wide, making it far more transportable than its 17-inch predecessor
  • Capable of high processor-intensive work – due to superb processors, MacBook pro can easily take on any task you give it out
  • Improved graphics – Radeon Pro 560 replaced its moderately powerful predecessor, allowing you to use your MacBook with higher expectations from your graphics
  • Very user-friendly – Macbook Pro features backlit trackpad which makes it remarkably easy to use


  • Mediocre RAM memory – Macbook tops at 16GB because anything over it would devastate the battery life
  • Costs quite a lot – Virtually all Apple products belong to the high-end price point category

What makes the MacBook Pro stick out from the rest?

The first thing that makes MacBook Pro better than most high-end laptops is its design – it’s smaller, not to mention lighter than most conventional laptops, making it easy to use it and transport it virtually anywhere, anytime.

Secondly, its battery lifetime is pretty neat.  On average, you’ll be able to use your MacBook Pro for about 10 hours, but the recharge time is pretty fast as well. You can get to your gig without having to wear a large backpack, and taking your MacBook to a studio won’t fatigue you as much as it’s lightweight by nature.

Thirdly, MacBook pro comes outfitted with premium-quality hardware which is absolutely ideal for music producers. The buffed up processors now allow you to produce and edit a bit more demanding music and execute more complex processes along the way.

Lastly, it’s true that Apple’s MacBook pro costs quite a lot, but it holds a superb value for the money. Most high-end laptops are overpriced, but this particular model actually does the job you’d expect from it for the buck.

User experience

“I upgraded from a mid 2012 MacBook Air 13″, this is my first MacBook Pro and its amazing !”

Purchased this laptop to replace a 2013 model. I have been blown away by the speed, the bright crisp display.”

“Even though this MacBook Pro isn’t loaded with lots of new features and functions, I can’t find much to complain about. Speed, power, battery life, and capabilities are all rock solid.”

“Fast, light, powerful, long battery life. I was coming from the 2013 15″ MBP, which was amazing as well, and this new version is great too”

Additional Info

Various sellers are making their offers, so if you hurry up you might even catch up to a bargain. Note that your order will be identified with a serial number, so make sure you don’t forget it – it will help you greatly should your Macbook Pro go missing or gets stolen.


It’s pretty clear that a question such as “Is Apple’s MacBook Pro any good” doesn’t even exist in theory. What’s more, most people are well aware of the fact that Apple products are awesome. However, the Macbook Pro is not just any laptop – it’s the ultimate music producing machine which will get you where you want to be, should you feel bold enough to take up the venture.

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