How To Use Your Keyboard or Digital Piano As MIDI Controller

The wonderful world of MIDI has greatly enhanced music production. MIDI dates all the way back to the 1980s, to the heydays of original digital and electronic music! Nowadays, it helps us connect a huge variety of devices like keyboards and even DJ controllers to computers and laptops. Do you remember that 80s, 90s or … Read more

How To Upload Music To Spotify: 5 Different Ways

If you’re reading this as a musician, artist or producer that has produced music ready to roll out to the world then first and foremost, congratulations! You’ve already completed most of the hard work – moving towards actually selling your music is probably simpler than you think. It’s only up from here! This guide will … Read more

Pop Filters

Pop Filter: What Is It And Why You Need One

Vocals are an incredibly important component of most music. Incidentally, they’re also one of the hardest elements to get right, not just in terms of performance but in recording, mixing and mastering. A key but frequently overlooked component of recording quality vocals anywhere – in pro or home studios – is the humble pop filter! … Read more

Studio monitor headphones

How to Mix with Studio Monitor Headphones: Beginner’s Guide

Studio monitors are the go-to for all production and mixing purposes but let’s face it, they’re just not always convenient. There is just one alternative route: headphones. There will be people out there who ridicule the use of headphones mixing but they’d be pretty much categorically wrong to suggest that they cannot be used at … Read more

Audio effects guide

Understanding Audio Effects: Beginner’s Guide to Shaping Your Sound

Audio effects provide a world of color to your music productions. They fill in the gaps between raw samples and recorded tracks, transform melodies and chord progressions and accentuate details whilst providing depth and drama to each component of the mix. Without audio effects, a track would need many, many instruments to gain any considerable … Read more