Audio effects guide

Understanding Audio Effects: Beginner’s Guide to Shaping Your Sound

Audio effects provide a world of color to your music productions. They fill in the gaps between raw samples and recorded tracks, transform melodies and chord progressions and accentuate details whilst providing depth and drama to each component of the mix. Without audio effects, a track would need many, many instruments to gain any considerable … Read more

Home studio setup

How to Set Up & Design Your Home Recording Studio Room

So, you’ve finally got everything you need to build your very own recording studio? Congrats! Just one thing left then, setting it all up! Set up isn’t about rushing to set everything up before switching it on and hoping for the best. That might be tempting but taking your time on setting everything up properly … Read more

Audio Signal Flow

Understanding Audio Signal Flow in Recording Studio

Our ability to record sound is pretty phenomenal! We take it for granted that we can tune in to the radio, listen to recorded music and hear recorded sound through phones, PCs, TVs and a whole host of other devices. To streamline the process of recording sound for use across these devices, the recording studio … Read more

audio cables

Ultimate Guide to Audio Cables for Home Recording

A lot goes into creating a home studio. You’ve got to select your production platform, place your monitors and treat your room and only then can you think about connecting everything together and firing it all up! But just before then, you’ll be reaching for the final link in your home studio chain…cables. Ok, so … Read more