For Those of You Missing Radio, Here’s Pandora

I found Pandora through a blog of my friend, Braidwood. She was posting about how much she loved it and I had no idea what it was. It didn’t take me long to get up to speed.

Pandora Screen Shot

Pandora is a free Internet Radio service that creates radio stations based on music you already like. You can create a radio station based on a song or an artist. Their selection of artists isn’t infinite, but their program was able to formulate a few really listenable stations based on combinations of artists I love. It took a little guiding to get them working like I want, but after that, all I have to do is log into Pandora and start playing. It even remembers which station and volume setting I was using last.

The free version has commercials (see the picture of Mozart to the right). They are NOT audio commercials, which was what finally made me stop listening to regular radio stations. Sometimes it seemed like there was more commercial air-time than music air-time on my local radio stations. Pandora is the perfect replacement for radio. It plays me good music that I have never heard before. My wish list at Amazon is very quickly filling up with new music.

I thought that I might have trouble with choppy music because it’s streaming music. I didn’t want to listen to online music if I was going to keep pausing and breaking up. I’d rather listen to the static and commercials on the radio. I haven’t had any problems with streaming speed and it only pauses when my computer is doing something incredibly busy (I tend to multi-task). It seems to run very efficiently on my computer and laptop.

What I’d Like To See Pandora Have:

  • An indicator that says how far along in a song I am.
  • A way to clarify WHY I don’t like a song, such as I don’t want songs with vocalor Electronic only please, no guitars.” I have no idea how they would program for that, but I would really like that feature.
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