CES 2016: Innovative Technology

One of the most nostalgic booths we saw at CES 2016 was Innovative Technology. What attracted me to their booth were these bluetooth speakers that have a HANDLE. It’s so rare that bluetooth speakers have something as convenient as a handle, so these really caught my eye. If they had included a digital radio tuner, I … Read more

DoubleTime strap for Apple and Mechanical Watches

Full disclosure: The author of this article is the inventor of the strap. The DoubleTime strap is the only watch strap in the world that lets you keep the classic look and functionality of your favorite watch and add all the useful wizardry of the Apple Watch. You no longer have to choose between the … Read more

Beats Pill+ Speaker Is Coming Next Month

It looks like the Beats Pill+ will be released next month and cost about $225. Apple Announces Beats Pill+ Speaker Available in November for $229 – Mac Rumors I haven’t been that impressed with Beats products, but this feature is really intriguing to me. The new Beats Pill+ companion app will enable users to control … Read more

TiVo Bolt Looks Cool AND Skips Commercials

I haven’t had cable for a few years now, but if I did, I would immediately be buying this TiVo. TiVos 4K-ready, commercial skipping Bolt hints at the future That cool design is both beautiful and functional: That funky arc shape isnt just there to stick out visually however, as VP Jim Denney told us … Read more

Swatch CEO Is Baffled By The Apple Watch

Quote in this article, «Die Alleskönner fressen zu viel Strom» – Wirtschaft – tagesanzeiger.ch, Nick Hayek, the CEO of Swatch is baffled by the Apple Watch. I had to rely on this article for the translation: The Guardian – Swatch CEO: Apple Watch is ‘interesting toy’ that can’t last more than 24 hours It’s quite obvious … Read more