The Pendulum Collection for Apple Watch

I have always worn a watch since I was about six years old, but for those who want the functionality of the Apple Watch without wearing it on their wrist, these Kickstarters are looking to make your Apple Watch a necklace or pocket watch. The Pendulum Collection by Bucardo Here is a video of it … Read more

Line 6 M13 Review

When you hear electric guitar music, only part of what you hear comes from the guitar. The rest is effects, such as distortion, echoes, reverb, and chorus. While guitarists traditionally use a stack of single-purpose effects pedals to create their unique sound, digital multi-effects have recently become a more convenient alternative. The Line 6 M13 is one … Read more

Animal Crossing Chocomint Sweater QR Code

My lucky item for the day was the Mint Gingham Skirt and I didn’t have a good shirt to wear with it, so I revamped one of my sweaters to match it and added a sling bag. Here’s the QR Code: I absolutely LOVE that I can just make a new outfit and share it … Read more

What Video Games Taught Jenna Marbles

This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and is laced with profanity, but it is SO true! Jenna Marbles talks about what video games taught her. If you feel that video game designers don’t care about what they are teaching kids, you’re right. Granted, some of those games weren’t meant for kids, like Grand Theft … Read more