I Hate the Watch Designers of the World

After looking on the Internet for it, I realized that the medium isn’t ready for watch shopping yet. I can’t tell the size of the watch from the tiny thumbnails that they provide. Las Vegas sports much more shopping opportunities than I have in Salt Lake City, so I was hopeful for the Labor Day … Read more

Review: JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder GZ-MG30U

JVC is first out of the gate with a hard disk based camcorder that records in the MPEG-2 format of DVD. No tape, no mini-DVDs, and up to 24 hours of recording at a time. But as everyone who buys a camcorder finds out, the devil is always in the details: How fast and easy … Read more

Roundup: CD and DVD scratch repair devices

While CDs can survive minor damage far better than the vinyl records they replaced, they are still vulnerable to scratches. DVDs are even more vulnerable, since they store more data in the same space. Since the 1980s, various devices have been marketed to repair scratched CDs, many of them completely worthless. In this review, we’ll … Read more

Review: Microsoft Office OneNote 2003

Microsoft spent much of 2003 evangelizing its Tablet PC platform. While pen computing still hasn’t made keyboards obsolete, one of the tools Microsoft created for that platform, OneNote 2003, is a surprisingly useful program even for those with old-fashioned desktop PCs. OneNote is an information manager of the casual variety. Rather than storing records with … Read more