Studio Speakers Positioning

Studio Monitor Placement: 5 Positioning Tips for Optimal Sound

Monitor speakers are absolutely crucial to the mixing process. Regardless of whether you spend hundreds or thousands on mid or top quality monitors, there’s one thing that can always prevent your monitor speakers from ever doing their job properly: Improper placement. Monitor speakers have to be placed correctly for optimal sound. If you don’t put … Read more

Drum Equalizer Guide

Drum EQ Guide – How to Use EQ to Improve Your Drum Sound

Drums are at the very core of a track’s rhythm and feel. The kick drum punctuates a track’s rhythm, the snare drives it forward and the cymbals and toms support the backbeat whilst providing rhythmic interest, effects and fills. EQ is a fundamental tool that will vastly improve your drum sound. There’s no way of … Read more


7 Best Free Autotune VST Plugins To Mix Perfect Vocals (2020)

Autotune has become ubiquitous across many modern genres of music – it’s certainly not confined to just pop music anymore. Popularised by Daft Punk, The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Rihanna and even Cher, autotune has become a vital component of modern record production. Autotune is both a corrective and creative tool. While many vocalists … Read more

Avicii facts

28 Astonishing Facts About Avicii Every True EDM Fan Needs To Know

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of one of the most iconic names in dance music. Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling – better known as Avicii – passed away on Friday, April 20th as confirmed by his publicist. Avicii played a significant role in shaping the current state of the … Read more

Mixing Tips Audio Mastering

10 Music Mastering Tips to Make Your EDM Tracks Stand Out

You may be wondering why some EDM songs sound better and louder than others. The secret lies in mastering. Mastering is all about preparing a song for its final public release, so it’s your final chance to polish it and make it shine regardless of the sound system it’s played on. This is often achieved … Read more