Dell XPS 15 XPS9560 Laptop Review

Dell XPS 15 9560Let’s face it, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Dell” is one of the many superb laptops from this brand. Of course, they’re also manufacturing top-shelf PC and laptop accessories, but there’s a very good reason why these guys are dominating the stage for quite a while.

We’ve taken a gander at what Dell’s 15 XPS9560 can and can’t do, and you shouldn’t be surprised that the former heavily outweighs the latter. Essentially, this is a premium gaming laptop that can be used for all manners of things, but gamers and music producers should know better than to skip it.

Dell 15 XPS9560 Review – Thin, high-performance all-purpose laptop

Tech-savvy people simply have the need for categorization more than casual types, hence you’ll probably see attributes such as “gaming”, “powerhouse”, “music master” and similar ones pinned right next to Dell’s 15 XPS9650. That, however, doesn’t mean much on its own, but it insinuates that this remarkable lap is quite versatile – loved by the many, neglected by the few.

Like all Dell laptops, the XPS9560 features a powerful setup – the latest Intel I7-770HQ is onboard, sixteen GBs of DDR4 (@2400MHz), a spacious solid state storage, and a large 4K Infinity Edge display.

That’s, however, just the beginning. Namely, Dell’s 15 XPS9650 excels in virtually every possible field of performance, and it wouldn’t be wrong to label it as one of the best high-spec laptops the market has seen.

It does cost a fortune, but that’s only normal with high-end laptops. There are several things that could’ve been improved, though. For instance, Dell’s 15 XPS9650 appears to be louder at higher loads. The speakers are essentially good, but they’re not exactly overly impressive.

Now, these bumps are nothing compared to the benefits Dell’s 15 XPS9650 brings onboard, and you could easily see for yourself that the value of this laptop greatly exceeds that of most high-end laptops.

Key features

  • Intel HD 630+ GPU
  • Intel Core I7-7700HQ Quad Core CPU
  • 16 GB of DDR4 RAM @2400MHz (can be upgraded to 32 GB)
  • 6-inch Ultra HD Infinity Edge display
  • Windows 10 64 bit operating system
  • 512 GB of solid state drive
  • Killer 1535 Wireless networking
  • SD card reader
  • USB 3.1 Type-C thunderbolt
  • Headset and HDMI jacks


  • Amazing display. Most Dell’s 15 XPS9650 owners recommend it due to its absolutely unparalleled Infinity Edge feature which is, by far, the best piece of visual technology implemented in a PC/laptop device
  • Superb everyday performance is one of the many things you’ll love about Dell’s 15 XPS9650. It runs smooth most of the time, and you can rely on it wherever, whenever.
  • Great for gaming, including the latest up-to-date ones. Most hard core gamers favour PCs over laptops, but Dell’s 15 XPS9650 can go toe to toe with some of the neediest gaming PC rigs.
  • Remarkable for music production, regardless of whether you’re a composer or an editor. The high-spec setup allows you to fully utilize your music software.


  • Costs a small fortune, but then again, nearly all high-quality laptops do.
  • The speakers could’ve been done in a better way, although we do not imply that they’re bad per se.

Who is Dell 15 XPS9560 ideal for?

Since Dell’s 15 XPS9650 costs quite a lot, it’s safe to assume that it’s not good for everyone. The only two groups that come to mind (initially) are gamers and music producers – the people who demand brutally high specs.

While gamers simply need the buffed rig Dell’s 15 XPS9650 provides for their fun, music producers need all kinds of software and plenty of RAM and CPU if these are not to crash between themselves. Another reason why music producers should consider the Dell’s 15 XPS9650 is because it’s not just powerful, but extremely user-friendly and easy to use due to its slim, lightweight design.

User Experience

“Ultimately the XPS 15 is a pretty great laptop. It does just about everything you’d want from a relatively portable laptop”

“Very elegant. Extremely powerful when necessary, and silent as a brick when idle.”

“Love this laptop!! Been an Asus type of guy for a while and always shyed away from Dell and wow i was so wrong about them”.

Additional Info

There are several common issues most Dell’s 15 XPS9650 users report. The first one regards the Killer Wi-Fi card and its drivers. This problem is fairly easy to solve, as all you need to do is simply update them or download them then update them again. Reinstalling them after several attempts might fix it too. Ultimately, contact Dell’s tech support and they’ll sort it out.

The second problem is easier to solve, but might appear as a bit more serious than the first one. Namely, the screen can freeze at times, and the culprit is the integrated Intel card which acts funny when pitted against the GTX 1050 GPU. Simply force the Intel driver’s installation and you’ll get rid of this problem for good.


Dell’s 15 XPS9650 is most definitely among the best quality laptops you’ll come around in your search. It offers a unique, immersive Infinity Edge display, the rig is packed with only the strongest of features, and the slim design makes it extremely compact. Now, it’s true that it costs quite a lot, but it does quite a bang for the buck.

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