How To Make Solar Tiki Torches

I really liked these solar tiki torches in this planter that I found on Pinterest:

  • Outdoor Projects / Tiki Torch Planter – Lowes Creative Ideas

The problem is that when I looked at the cost for solar tiki torches, they were WAY too much money! The best price I found was $50 for a four pack, making them $12.50 each: Adamax TIKILED4 Solar Flickering Tiki Torches, 4-Pack at

It’s WAY cheaper to buy old school tiki torches like this 12 pack for only $33: Set of 12 Bamboo Tiki-Style Torches at

Remove the oil canisters in them and replace them with these inexpensive solar lights that are only $21 for an 8 pack: Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8 at

For less than $5.50 each, you can have solar tiki lights lighting up your backyard.

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