The Kelty Pop Duo: A Picnic Basket for the Next Generation

When I was a kid, I watched a cartoon called Yogi Bear. Yogi and BooBoo spent every episode obsessing about stealing picnic baskets. Picnic baskets like the ones that Yogi stole are available even to this day, but as a child of the Seventies, I had never seen a picnic basket in real life. I always thought they must contain the BEST food in the world. As a starving kid, the picnic basket had been elevated to such a level of imagined delectability, that nothing in the real world could ever compare.

Coleman 48-qt. Chest Cooler - Blue at Amazon.comOf course, as a child of the Seventies, we never had a picnic basket. We owned a cooler. That’s where all the good food was when we went to Lagoon or up to the mountains. This blue Coleman cooler was lugged around to every park and outdoor activity in the Salt Lake Valley when I was a kid. Mom and Carol would make the best sandwiches with bologna, cheese and mayonnaise. Just the sight of a blue Coleman cooler makes my mouth water, even after all these years.

This Kelty Pop Duo bag gives the old Coleman cooler a run for its money, now. Just like the cooler, there is a work space where you can make sandwiches or cut fruit, but the Pop Duo isn’t a huge bulky box like the Coleman is. I could carry it alone without any help and the pockets look roomy enough to carry enough bologna sandwiches for the whole family (the soda, however, will have to be stored somewhere else).

The mystic of the picnic basket is alluring to me, mostly because of the imagination of Hanna-Barbera. If you have never seen a Yogi Bear cartoon, here is one that is pretty typical of the show.

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