Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Review

Beats is definitely a brand name that doesn’t need an introduction. Worth over $3 billion, it’s clear that they are doing something right.

But is this fame the result of good marketing, or are their headphones actually worth the money?

Let’s take a closer look at the Beats Studio Wireless and find out!

Beats Studio Wireless – Once too expensive, now pretty reasonably priced

Now retailing for around $200, the Beats Studio Wireless offer a great chance to dive into the world of wireless audio. At first, they were way too expensive, but now, they’re definitely worth considering.

The Studio Wireless headphones feel premium. The design is sleek and fairly minimalistic, combining the well known red with a black finish, with only the logo and a discreet rim popping out on the earcups. There are a couple of different color combinations to choose from as well, so the headphones can match your style.

The left earcup sports a single button used for Bluetooth pairing and a couple of LEDs that show the battery life. Definitely stealthy and good looking.

Key Features

  • Very convenient for everyday use
  • Active noise cancelation
  • Apple product integration
  • Bass-rich sound

The Beats Studio Wireless focus on the average music listener that can afford slightly more expensive headphones.

This model combines attractive design with colorful audio, which, at the end of the day, is what most people actually look for. Not everyone wants, or values, flat frequency response.


  • Vibrant and intense listening experience
  • Good passive noise isolation
  • Very sleek and practical
  • Can be used with a cable
  • Handy accessories


  • Pricey
  • Some sound does leak out

Who are the Beats Studio Wireless for?

As I’ve just stated above, the Beast Studio Wireless sound pretty darn good.

If you’re a fan of bass heavy music, these are definitely for you.

Sure, you may not hear the music as it was meant to be heard and recorded in the studio, but it will, without a doubt, be a fun and dynamic experience.

Needless to say, studio engineers and audiophiles should steer clear of this model.

What makes the Beats Studio Wireless stand out?

With no tangled wires and cables, these headphones are amazingly easy and fun to use. They’re fairly lightweight and fit nicely on your ears. When you’re done using them, just fold them up and chuck them in your backpack. Very compact and convenient altogether.

There are definitely headphones that offer a better seal with their earcups, but the Studio Wireless have active noise cancelation to compensate! With it on, you can say goodbye to any kind of noise that prevented you from enjoying your favorite tunes.

Chances are that you’re using an iPhone or even a MacBook or iPad. If that’s the case, these headphones can easily be switched from one device to another for a seamless transition and listening experience.

What the users have to say

Most of the users were pretty satisfied with the performance of these headphones.

The sound is awesome, the range is amazing. Overall a great investment”

“They charge very fast, I use them every day and they’re excellent”

The majority of the cons was regarding the size of the earcups.

I have slightly bigger ears so these headphones aren’t very comfortable after a couple of hours of using them”

“The ANC could be better”

Extra info

Besides the headphones, you get two 3.5mm audio cables, one with and one without a mic, a USB charging cable as well as a hard-shell case with a clip.

The battery lasts for around 12h and charges pretty quickly.

Final words

So, are the Beats Studio Wireless worth considering?

If you’re into EDM music, find style as important, and think you need a pair of wireless headphones, then definitely go for it.

The Studio Wireless look and sound good, and most importantly, aren’t as expensive as they used to be.

That pretty much wraps this article. I hope that you found it as useful, and that it helped you in deciding if these headphones are for you or not!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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