Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones Review

When it comes to audio equipment, you can hardly go wrong by choosing Sony, and their MDR7506 headphones are definitely no exception.

Almost 30 years old, this model has been the choice of many people, from casual music enthusiasts to DJs and professional studio engineers.

Let’s see exactly what makes the MDR7506s so special!

Sony MDR7506 Review – Practical and great sounding

Being able to use a single pair of headphones on different occasions is, in my opinion, one of the most important features a good headset should have. When you’re working out, you’re looking for durability, but when you’re at home and want to relax, noise isolation and audio quality is the priority.

Luckily, the MDR7506s tick pretty much all the boxes.

The sheer versatility they offer has made them so popular over the last few decades.

Key Features

  • Closed back design
  • Solid build
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Very good noise isolation
  • Almost flat frequency response

After going through the key features, these headphones may look too good to be true. They must have a con or two, right?

Honestly, the only true cons I found were the fact that these may not be very comfortable if you have a larger head and the fact that they aren’t too convenient for “street” use.

Other than that, you’re looking at a mighty fine pair of headphones!


  • The cable is of high quality
  • Pretty affordable
  • Great for studio use


  • If you’re into loads of bass, skip this model
  • The cable is pretty heavy, not very convenient for outside use
  • The earcups can press a bit too much on the ears

Are the MDR7506s for you?

Sound-wise, these headphones should be a great choice unless you’re an elitist audiophile looking for the best of the best.

Whether it’s gaming, listening to music, watching movies, editing, or pretty much anything else, this model will give you a natural and realistic audio image of the sounds you’re working with.

However, due to the pretty weighty cable, using these headphones on a bus or, generally outside of your home/office, can be a bit uncomfortable.

What makes these headphones shine?

Rocking a closed back design, the MDR7506s offer amazing clarity and audio detail. With pretty much no sound leaking in or out of the earcups, you’ve got yourself a private listening experience at any time.

Even though this model is all plastic, it feels pretty solid and durable. Sure, aluminum may have been a better choice, but hey, this is a 30-year model after all!

If you decide to take your MDR7506s with you, they will take up very little space, as they are easily folded up for transport. With the included carrying pouch, you can rest assured that your headphones won’t get scratched.

It’s not often that headphones with a pretty flat frequency response get so much attention. It’s usually the audiophiles and studio engineers that look for this feature. But, the MDR7506s have shown that even the casual music enthusiasts can get a great listening experience from a pair of headphones like these.

User experience

With over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6/5 score, the MDR7506s once again show that they are definitely a crowd favorite.

After trying out a bunch of headphones over the years, these are by far the best in terms of user experience and audio quality”

“Very balanced and natural sound, 10/10”

The only downsides people had with this model were the usual things that happen after some time of using any pair of headphones.

Headband lost its tension and no longer provides a snug fit”

“The earcup padding wore down fairly quickly”

Additional info

The package includes the headphones, a soft carrying pouch, and a ¼ inch adapter.

The cable is 9.8 feet long and is curled.


So, should you get the MDR7506s by Sony?

In most cases, I’d say definitely.

If you’re looking for a single pair of headphones for different occasions and circumstances, or simply a solid pair for your everyday needs, these puppies will give you a great experience. Just make sure you’ve got spare earbuds for your daily commute!

I hope that this article was fun to read and most importantly, helpful.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in the next one!

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