Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface Review

Steinberg UR22When making a home recording studio, a good audio interface can make a huge difference in the quality of the end result.

In the vast sea of various different models, choosing just the right one can be pretty hard.

Luckily, the UR22 audio interface by Steinberg checks all the boxes needed for probably one of the best affordable piece of studio equipment that’s definitely worth the money.

Steinberg UR22 – A must-have for a home recording studio

Steinberg is a well-known brand in the music industry, mostly due to their Cubase software pack being one of the most commonly used DAWs amongst audio technicians.

Besides being great at making software, the UR series, along with the UR22 clearly shows that Steinberg tries to cater to all the needs a sound engineer might have.

Key Features

  • Phantom power
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz bit resolution/sample rate
  • 2 balanced combined analog inputs
  • D-class preamps by Yamaha
  • MIDI I/O

The UR22 manages to balance a pretty compact form factor and neat connectivity features. When making a home studio, this is one of the crucial features to look for.

Offering great specs as well as audio quality, this audio interface provides amazing value and is amazingly easy to set up and use.


  • Solid and sturdy build quality
  • Setup and use are straightforward and simple
  • High level of audio quality
  • Great value for the money
  • Cubase included
  • Good for both beginners and more advanced users


  • An LED array for signal level could’ve been nice
  • Lacks direct stereo monitoring

Who is the Steinberg UR22 for?

Steinberg released their UR22 audio interface mainly focusing on home recording studio owners and beginners in the world of audio engineering. The sturdy yet compact form factor manages to deliver pretty much anything you’d need while still giving you enough space on an already packed desk.

Operating the UR22 is pretty straightforward, with only the crucial I/O on the back and front, and the controls for the main parameters.

As it connects via a USB cable, you can easily use it with either a PC or Mac.

Sure, with only 2 combined inputs, the number of instruments or vocals you can record at the same time is limited, but in a home studio, you probably don’t have space for much more.

What makes the UR22 standout?

Using condenser mics is a great idea if you need that extra clarity and fidelity. The UR22 has a phantom power toggle switch on the back, so it can deliver that extra juice your mics so desperately need.

The fact that you don’t run a professional recording studio doesn’t mean you should be devoid of studio-grade recordings! This audio interface is capable of delivering amazing audio quality, up to 24-bit/192kHz bit resolution/sample rate. Having raw recordings at this quality level makes mixing and producing much easier.

In order to save as much space possible, but still offer both instrument and XLR inputs, Steinberg went with 2 combined inputs on the front. This way, you can record either 2 instruments, 2 vocals, or an instrument and a vocal at the same time.

The D-class preamps by Yamaha ensure that the high-quality signal gets boosted and provide a consistent experience.

Adding any MIDI devices to the mix is easy due to the MIDI I/O on the back. You can rarely find a small audio interface that has this feature!

A couple of thoughts from the users

The UR22 by Steinberg has mostly positive reviews.

“The UR22 is reliable, consistent, and offers excellent audio quality”

“After months of research, I went with the UR22. Vocals sound crisp, and the latency is practically non- existent. Great value!”

Users that complained mention too much noise being present while recording.

“The preamps just add too much noise”

“Not much more than an entry-level audio interface”

Additional info

Included with the interface are the USB cable, manual, as well as and download link and key for the Cubase software.

The UR22 doesn’t require additional power, as it gets the necessary juice via the USB cable.

USB and MIDI connection, as well as stereo output, are located on the back, and the 2 combined inputs and headphone output are on the front.

Steinberg UR22 – Final words

If you’re looking for a solid, compact, and self-contained audio interface for your home studio, the UR22 may just be for you.

For just around $150, you will be getting great build and audio quality, as well as pretty decent connectivity. The fact that Cubase is included with the interface means that once you set everything up, you’re good to go!

All things considered, the UR22 is a well-rounded addition to a home studio you won’t regret buying.

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